Back to School Tips and Ideas

Back to school Tips and Ideas from a Crunchy Mom perspective.

1. Using Essential Oils to help kids stay focused

– Geranuim
– Frankincense
-Geneyus (YL)
– Lemon
– Wild orange
– Peppermint

Combination of oils together
– Cedarwood, Lavender, and Vetiver
– 40 drops of Fir (Needle)
35 drops of Mandarin
25 drops of Lime
(inhaled or diffused is best)

Your child could wear a diffuser necklace during the day to help.
Here’s how to make one.

Supplements that help with Focus

– Bioray Kids
– Ginkgo biloba
– Iron
– Folate
– Vitamin b-12
– Vitamin b-6
–  Vitamin c

2. Boosting their immune system

– Probiotics ( supplements, yogurt, kefir, or fermented foods)
– Elderberry Syrup or gummies
– Raw local honey
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin d (Sunlight)
– Cod liver oil
– Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar
– Bone Broth
– Echinacea
– Olive Leaf extract
– Lots of water or coconut water
– Lots of intake of organic fruits and veggies
– Sleep

3.  Healthy recipes

– overnight oats
– granola
– Yogurt and granola cups
– healthy cereal
No – bake energy bites
– smoothies
– Chia Seed pudding
– Breakfast Cookies
granola bars
– fruit
– Trail Mix

4. Earth Friendly School Supplies
Recycled Newspaper Pencils
– Recycled Notebook
– non- toxic glue
– Non- toxic crayons
– Markers
You can find more here

5.  Get Involved!
If we want to change how our schools are. Get involved and make that change.
Here are a few ways.
– if you are worried your child eats too much sugar at school during snack time or they have school functions and they ask you to bring food this a great opportunity to send organic snacks and treats!
– Donate some books to the classroom
-Volunteer in the classroom
– Help out the teacher with ever her needs towards the classroom maybe.  Like supplies for example.